About Us - Eka Hospitality
Sanskrit is a many-layered language; its ability to combine subtleties and shades of meaning is incomparable.
Take for instance the powerful word ‘Eka’. On the surface it means ‘One’.
But just below that surface lies a world that is teeming with value and meaning.
‘Eka’ means the one and only; the pre-eminent; it means unique; that which happens only once; that which is sincere, truthful;
‘Eka’ is unity – of thought, intent, purpose and delivery.
In the world of hospitality, ‘Eka’ is a brand that promises to deliver a unique experience – one that is warm, honest, sincere, and straight from the heart.
At Eka Hospitality we offer 30 years of combined experience in the field of hospitality services, management
supported by technology in order to create and deliver hospitality experiences that are truly one and only.

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